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SEO Friendly Websites

There are many ways to build a bad website, but only one way to build a great site that Google will love and reward.

We provide the latter.

If you are looking for a new website for your business or want to have an existing website updated, we can help.

If you are a digital agency, looking to outsource your web development needs, we'd love to connect.

Contact us today to find us how we can help you to the top of the organic search results in Google, Bing and other search engines with a new fully optimized website.

On-Page Optimized Websites

Professional Website Development
with On-Page and Technical SEO included

The Perfect Combination for a Great Looking and Fully Optimized Website for Your Business
1. Web Design

Professional Web Development

Professional Web Design
2. On-Page & Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO
The Most Powerful Combination
When we combine the two things we do best - Web Development and On-Page & Technical SEO - the result is a beautiful looking website packed with power that is going to have Google drooling all over it

With over 23 years of experience in building websites, we know what is important when it comes to developing sites that will rank well in Google and other search engines. Having ranked hundreds of sites in top positions for various search terms, we know how crucial On-Page and Technical SEO is, and place great emphasis on every aspect of it when building websites.

Solid On-Page SEO is the foundation for every website. Without it, your website will struggle to achieve the rankings you want. We have years of experience in building and upgrading websites, and the on-page foundations are something that we put into place right at the start of all projects.

Without these foundations, along with the proper implementation of technical SEO, there is a very high chance that the website will perform poorly, thus wasting precious time, expense and the loss of potential clients.

Are you Satisfied with the Performance of your Current Website?

Is your website ranking for your main search terms? Are clients able to find your website when searching on Google?

If you believe you should be receiving more calls and leads from your website, then why not let us take a look at it and provide you with an honest appraisal?

Start Ranking with a Fully Optimized Website

Let us build you a new website to rocket your business to the top of Google

One thing that we frequently see are websites that have been poorly developed in terms of on-page optimization.

The reason is that web design and SEO are two completely different entities – not all web designers understand the fundamentals of SEO, and not all SEO experts can build websites.

A website may look great, but unless solid on-page SEO has been implemented, the chances are it won’t be ranking anywhere in Google for the main search terms and keywords it wants to target. 

This is where we come in. We have years of experience in both and know what is needed to build a fully optimized website for Google which can start ranking immediately.

We offer a range of websites – whatever type of site you are looking for, we can help. No matter the type of business you operate, we can build you an optimized website to attract new clients. Whether you want a static or dynamic website, we can build it. 

Contact us so we can discuss the best option for you!

SEO Website Design
Do you need a New Website? Get in Touch Today!

Are you looking to have a new website built for your business? If so, then let us create it for you.

Our websites are 100% optimized to start ranking in Google

With our professionally optimized and designed websites, there’s no need to worry about anything related to On-Page SEO – we take care of everything!

What our SEO Web Design Service Includes

We do more than just build optimized websites - We create the foundation for your online presence

Let’s take a look at what is included when we build you a website.

  • Responsive Design Your website will be responsive, meaning it will work perfectly on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Quality Content We will write the content and source high-quality images if this is for a new website, or we can reuse content and images from an existing website if you want that upgraded.
  • On-Page & Technical SEO The website will have all aspects of on-page and technical SEO taken care of including titles, Meta descriptions, headers, website content, and images fully optimized for the desired search terms and keywords.
  • Powerful Web Hosting We will host the website for you, and offer top quality hosting, along with your own cPanel.
  • High Performance We test every website we build and make sure that in additional to high performance levels, we have also strictly followed Google's guidelines for Accessibility, Best Practices, and of course, SEO.
  • Monthly Management We provide 1 hour each month for on site work, so if you need to update anything, or want to add some new images, we can take care of this for you. Frequent back-ups are also taken of your website.
  • Customer Support Round the clock support - if you need anything related to your website, we are here to help.
Responsive Web Design
Website Insights
Tired of your Competitors outranking you in Google?

If you are disappointed with your website and were expecting more business, calls and leads from it, you are not alone. There are thousands of business owners out there who are not getting any return on investment from their website, due to poor development and a lack of on-page SEO.

Let us take a look at your website and we will give you honest feedback about where you are lacking and what is needed to get your site ranking. If a new website is needed, let us do what we do best and build one for you.